Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate networks world-wide, it is very popular within publishers and you should to try it. 🙂

If you are using Coupons CMS you should know that we’ve created a plugin which uses APIs and that will make you able to connect your admin panel with this affiliate network and it will extend features for such as:

– View products and import with a single click 50 products
– View links/coupons and import with a single click up to 50 links
– View merchants and import with a single click up to 50 stores
– View and track sales

You should know that all the links imported through our CJ Plugin are ready to track sales using SID parameter.


  1. Plugin Installation

    CJ Plugin can be installed by uploading the plugin in Plugins -> Install via admin panel.

  2. Configuration

    For CJ Plugin configuration go to your plugins list and click on “Options” for this plugin.

    This is how options page looks like:

    “Site ID” and “Developer key” are mandatory and they should be filled after provided by

  3. Get your “Site ID” and “Developer key”

    First of all you should be signed in on, after that go to Account -> Websites and add your website:

    That’s how we get the first required field “Site ID” 🙂

To get the “development key” sign in on and copy the key because this is the last required field.

That’s it ! 🙂 Good luck !