The best practice to translate Coupons CMS into your language is to create a plugin, the following example is for german but the same could be applied to any language.


The plugin should include: installation file (XML), translation file and an icon (country flag recommended):

Example of install.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<description>German language for CouponsCMS.</description>

As you can see this file includes only files name including extensions and plugin’s name/description.


The following line is mandatory for a plugin which is used for translation:


These three files should be included in a directory, so create a directory with an unique name (example: german-language) and create a ZIP archive for this directory.


Go to your admin panel and install it in Plugins -> Install section.


That’s it, you’ll find your plugin into plugins list and now you only have to translate the file used for translation both core files and theme parts, to do it:


click on Edit:



after that use the editor to save your translation:



Download this example for German and start translating Coupons CMS into your language:

Download German Language Example