The following files are mandatory and should be included in any Coupons CMS theme:

  • index.php
  • search.php
  • single.php
  • store.php
  • stores.php
  • category.php
  • page.php
  • site_header.php
  • site_footer.php
  • style.css
  • 404.php

The following files are not mandatory but it’s recommended to be included:

  • info.txt – the script is looking into this file for theme information like version, publishder name and website, description. Version: 1.0
    Published by: CouponsCMS
    Description: Default theme for CouponsCMS v6.00
  • preview.png
  • product.php – only if your theme is designed to display products, this will become the template for single product
  • functions.php – in this file should be included all custom functions using in the theme



index.php is name given to the home page of the website. Thus when a user navigates to, the webserver delivers



Search page used by Coupons CMS, the search is made by a query string such as:

Here is an example of a full query string using all optional keys and values|products|stores|locations

For search.php template also can be used the following functions:


this function return the type searched and this is one of: coupons, products, stores, locations

have_items( optional $atts );

this function return a full navigation array and activate the following functions:

  • results() – the same return with have_items();
  • page() – return current page – integer
  • pages() – return number of all pages – integer
  • next_page() – return next page URL – string
  • prev_page() – return previous page URL – string

have_items() function can be used for the following templates: stores.php, reviews.php and category.php with the same effect

items( optional $atts );

this function return an array with all objects found



if( results() ) {
foreach( items() as $item ) {
// print_r( $item );



Template used for single coupon page, to get information about the current item is necessary to use the following function:

$item = the_item();
// print_r( $item );

the_item(); can be used to get information about an item also for the following templates: store.php, category.php, product.php



Page included before any page template



Page included after any page template



Main CSS file used in any theme


Themes accept custom pages, for example “contact.php” page can be accessed by this URL: