Links to any template page from a Coupons CMS theme can generated by this function:
tlink( $type, optional $query_string );


Valid values for parameter $type:

  • index – generate URL to homepage
  • page – generate URL to website address and use query string
  • stores – generate URL to stores template
  • search – generate URL to search template
  • user – generate URL to user page from directory “user”
  • ajax – generate URL to an ajax page
  • plugin – generate URL to a built-in plugin, not installed plugins
  • whf – generate URL to a page which does not use header and footer
  • tpage – generate URL to a custom page. Example: tpage/contact
  • pay – generate URL to payments page


Example of using type “index”:
echo tlink( 'index' );
// return:

Example of using type “tpage”
echo tlink( 'tpage/contact' );
// return:

Example of using type “tpage” with query string:
echo tlink( 'tpage/contact', 'name=John&[email protected]' );
// return:[email protected]



Generate links by element ID using this function:
get_link( $type, $id, optional boolean $return_object [default: false] );

return false if the id doesn’t exist


Valid values for parameter $type:

  • coupon – or use alias function get_item_link( $id, optional $return_object )
  • product – or use alias function get_product_link( $id,  optional $return_object )
  • store – or use alias function get_store_link( $id, optional $return_object )
  • page – or use alias function get_page_link( $id, optional $return_object )


Example of using type “coupon”:
get_link( 'coupon', 1 );
// return:
// or use
get_item_link( 1 );
// return:

Example of using type “product” using return object:
$product_item = get_product_link( 1, true );
// print_r( $product_item );



Generate external using this function:
get_target_link( $type, $id );


Valid values for parameter $type:

  • coupon
  • product
  • store


get_target_link( 'coupon', 1 );
// return: